Independent Hawaii

Independent Hawaii - Honolulu, Hawaii

Independent Hawaii – Honolulu, Hawaii

When a squadron of trucks, festooned with flags, passes in front of you. It makes a statement. I took pictures, of course. Because you know I always have a camera with me. I documented this scene right after the farmers’ market in Kaka’ako.

I asked a police officer what this was about. She mumbled sheepishly enough that I couldn’t hear. It seemed like something a tourist wasn’t supposed to see. I assumed it was something political.

Independent Hawaii - Honolulu, Hawaii

On a lark, I googled the Hawaiian independence movement and got a relevant hit. Beyond the Hawaiian State Flag on display here. Others proudly waved a yellow, green, and red striped design. I figured someone is always advocating for some kind of independence from someone else.

I don’t venture into politics on this blog. And since I have no stake in the game and don’t understand anything about this movement. I choose to display these photos merely as a curiosity — an observation made by a tourist.

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