Bright Star

Bright Star, Johnson Hall - Austin, Texas

Bright Star, Johnson Hall – Austin, Texas

I feature a rather bright star for the 3rd and final image from the new Indeed Tower development. A striking art piece for this modern and minimalist park.

As I explained yesterday, it wasn’t possible to incorporate the star into the frame. Thus, I shifted perspective, which gives an overview of the entire development.

The fully restored historic structure is Johnson Hall, originally a Post Office from 1914. On the left, you can see the base of the Indeed Tower. I assume that the tower’s lobby and Johnson Hall are directly connected. Scheduled to be a food hall, it would be a unique amenity for a downtown office tower.

The newer Austin developments have grown increasingly sophisticated. Probably to compete with the plethora of skyscrapers coming online. It’s also a sign that Austin is moving from a quaint mid-sized city and starting to knock on the doors of the big league downtowns.

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