SXSW 2022 Unseen Porsches

Vision Gran Turismo, SXSW 2022 - Austin, Texas

Vision Gran Turismo, SXSW 2022 – Austin, Texas

Yesterday, I mentioned the start of the SXSW 2022 coverage, and my first stop was the Porsche Unseen exhibit. Porsche built an elaborate but temporary structure on an empty parking lot to showcase these prototype cars. Today you get to see the five vehicles in the exhibit.

Luckily, I arrived early on Friday. The benefit was no line to get in — but more importantly — making pictures without anyone in the frame. I took extensive photos from multiple angles, and there were other visitors in the building. Creative framing and waiting for opportune times allowed me to get people-free photos. Almost. One of the images actually has a mostly obscured person in the frame. Can you spot that photo?

Despite being prototypes that usually push the design boundaries, I was amazed by the cohesive Porsche design language. You can clearly tell they are Porsches even though they weren’t the typical street-legal ones. The blue toy-like car may need an explanation. Sally Carrera was a character from Pixar’s Cars movies. It was a cute gesture to include her in the gallery.

I used my Fujifilm GFX 50S II with the Fuji GF35mm-70mm lens. In-body image stabilization allowed for high-quality hand-held imagery. I’m glad I had this set up for this exhibit. It allowed me to make images at a higher quality than with my other cameras.

904 Living Legend, SXSW 2022 - Austin, Texas

904 Living Legend

Vision Spyder, SXSW 2022 - Austin, Texas

Vision Spyder

Sally Carrera, SXSW 2022 - Austin, Texas

Sally Carrera

Vision Turismo, SXSW 2022 - Austin, Texas

Vision Turismo

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12 thoughts on “SXSW 2022 Unseen Porsches

  1. I think I’m dribbling! Gorgeous cars and your images are fantastic! I think it is the lovely almost feminine curves over the wheels that tells you it’s a Porsche, nobody seems to make them look as sexy – if a car can be sexy! I couldn’t pick the person in your shots, a possible reflection in a door maybe.

    1. A big thank you, TasView (Tone).

      There’s a person or two behind the Vision Spyder. Look to the left of the passenger side headrest.

      On a computer, you can also click the picture to see a larger version. I didn’t see them either when I took the shot. If not, I would’ve waited until they passed.

      1. Finally, someone as fussy as me with their own work! I just had a deep dive into your beautiful blog, found and read your old Olympus camera reviews! Great stuff. I’ll be back for more!

      2. Thank you for exporting my blog! Yes, I can get quite fussy with my photography. Especially recently as I’ve moved to high-resolution cameras.

      3. I think it’s the best way to learn and improve. I’d love to try the Fuji Medium format but budget constrains are keeping me to one system and set of glass 😉
        The smaller Olympus / OM system suits my bushwalking and adventures 🙂

      4. Thanks for posting the link, I found your original and updated PENF reviews – I left a comment but not sure if it published:

        Such a great review Andy that still holds up over 6 years later! I’ve only used a Pen-F for a few days so haven’t had a chance for a deep dive, but every word here in your lengthy revew rings true. There is only one thing I disagree with and that is the flip our screen. I think it’s great for street, it lies tilted inside my left fore-arm so can’t be seen, swinging it in some also allows me to shoot 90 degrees to the right – so I’m not even facing the subject. I also shoot lots of macro fungi at wierd angles and for that it is brilliant!
        Another thing I noticed it it’s not very good at focusing in low light – but I have come from more modern cameras with phase-detect focusing. Other than that and no weather-sealing, I actually like the Pen-F physically more than my new OM Digital Solutions OM-1, it feels so good and handles so well, at least as you say, with smaller lenses. It pairs beautifully with the ED 14-150mm F4.0-5.6 II for street if you like a versatile, lightweight, cheap and underrated zoom, especially for mono.
        I haven’t tried shooting in colour really at all yet, but the colours in your
        vivid chrome preset shots are great! I agree about not necessarily capturing reality, but capturing a mood, some shots and subjects just beg to be pushed. Normally I find pushing saturation in Photoshop is usually at the expense of detail, and even vibrance to a lesser extent. But your shots here, especially of the leaves, indicates it keeps and even improves detail in some area’s when pushed – I’m well impressed!
        Anyway, the day calls me 🙂

      5. Thank you for your kind words, TasView (Tone). That PEN F review was my first and only epically detailed review. It took so much effort and I discovered afterwards that I really didn’t enjoy doing detailed reviews. So much responsibility to do it correctly.

        I found your use of the flip out screen interesting. Glad it works for you. I agree that compared to the newer phase detect focusing cameras, the PEN-F is slower. Adequate but certainly not optimized for fast action.

        Funny what you mentioned the 14-150mm. I nicknamed it my travel zoom and shot extensively with it. I love the versatility of that lens. Here are all the posts that used that lens.

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