Porsche Unseen

Porsche Unseen, SXSW 2022 - Austin, Texas

Porsche Unseen, SXSW 2022 – Austin, Texas

My 21-post Austin downtown tour was just an appetizer — something to separate the coverage from Hawaii. Firmly back in my hometown, I’m starting my South by Southwest coverage today. I’m happy to report that SXSW 2022 was on in person back in March. As tradition dictates, I took the day off to attend the first day of the event. The start of the festivities always corresponds with my birthday week, and it’s an excellent way to celebrate.

I arrived downtown after lunch when it was still quiet. My first stop — the Porsche Unseen exhibit. While I go downtown for SXSW, I’ve never purchased a badge. I always mooch around for the free stuff and document the event from the street. I happened on this design exhibit by luck. And it was open to non-badge holders.

Expect the unexpected at these downtown SXSW exhibits. One year, a parking lot was turned into a carnival complete with a Ferris wheel. This structure was temporarily constructed for a prototype car show that lasted only several days. Why? Who knows. Perhaps a Porsche executive wanted to polish an already sparkling brand. It’s not like people haven’t heard of them. I don’t question these decisions. I just partake, photograph, and blog about it.

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