SXSW Happy Hour

SXSW Happy Hour - Austin, Texas

SXSW Happy Hour – Austin, Texas

I stumbled on a low-key event on East 6th Street during South by. After attending big corporate events from Porsche and DC Comics, the up start, bootstrap nature of this one was a welcome change.

SXSW is about the future — always looking forward. They originated in the late 1980s by finding new, unknown musicians. Now SXSW has morphed into new music, movies, and technologies. In 2007, for example, SXSW effectively launched Twitter. This year, the big buzzword was about NFTs. I talked about this bleeding-edge and overhyped technology a couple of days ago. DC Comics launched their new Hybrid NFT Trading Cards as covered in this post. This gathering at a bar on 6th street was about NFTs, crypto, and other decentralized organizations. Attendees talked passionately about the next new thing.

Late afternoon, a happy hour, and an open bar, as seen here. I met enthusiasts looking to change the world. I mostly listened, feeding off their energy. Later I talked with Jules, the bartender, with a big smile. We discussed mundane but tastier topics like popular mixed drinks. The current popular drink? Texas Ranch water — made from tequila, fresh lime, and Topo Chico mineral water. I was old-school, opting for a margarita instead.

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