Keep Twitter weird

Blue Glow of Twitter, SXSW 2022 - Austin, Texas

Blue Glow of Twitter, SXSW 2022 – Austin, Texas

While there were several more bars taken over by SXSW. I have just one more bar turned media venue to show you. Is Twitter a media company or a tech company? Both? While I still have an atmtxphoto Twitter account, I haven’t used it for 3 years. I stayed away from politics and just posted my blog entries back then.

The Keep Twitter weird — I’m sure — is their riff on the Keep Austin Weird marketing slogan. Though I don’t know how many will realize that. I’m not sure how effective a campaign it is. If you aren’t familiar with the context. I don’t know how weird Twitter is. And, I’m sure a slogan that says Keep Twitter Toxic wouldn’t be helpful. Though these days, that’s my general thought about social media.

All my social media properties lay dormant. I know I’m on a tiny island with just my blog and newsletter. However, it’s an island that I own and control.

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