Tropical (Inflatable) Paradise

Tropical (Inflatable) Paradise - Austin, Texas

Tropical (Inflatable) Paradise – Austin, Texas

Life is so much simpler when you’re a kid. I’m sure other parents have experienced giving a gift to a one-year-old. The kid likes the box more than the toy. What’s a tropical paradise? A giant inflatable at a park. What else do you need on a hot Austin summer day?

This was from the neighborhood’s 4th of July festivities on Monday. Beyond the hot dogs and burgers, much of the activities were kid-focused. This year, they got this inflatable slide and bounce house.

I applied a film effect to this image — although not a standard Fujifilm preset. This Capture One Kodak Ektachrome mid-70s (blue) style seems to create a vintage summer-like feel.

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2 thoughts on “Tropical (Inflatable) Paradise

  1. Perhaps because I’m from the Caribbean, where there is no summer (or winter, or spring, or fall) season, summer has no meaning outside of my activities as an adult living in the northern USA. If I interpret summer as a time of year then summer as a kid in the Caribbean meant even more time at the beach.

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