Austin Airport, 4:55am

Crowded Check-in, Austin-Bergstom Airport - Austin, Texas

Crowded Check-in, Austin-Bergstom Airport – Austin, Texas

Austin is growing like crazy, and the airport is bursting at the seams. It looked like this at 4:55am on a recent trip to New York City. I’ve traveled enough that I’ve optimized my flow, especially when I’m flying solo.

After a long career with business travel, I have permanent Gold status on American. That doesn’t mean that much these days. However, it does unlock priority boarding. Since I don’t check in bags, I get to mostly bypass two lines. I still go early enough, however, just to be sure.

I have a challenge on the blog. Despite my daily posts, I have more content topics than I can manage. Thus, I’m falling behind in my coverage. While I had a long and extensive Hawaii series stretching from the end of last year into May, I have yet to talk about three other trips I made last year. Those will have to wait. I’ve decided to start my New York City series, documenting my six-day vacation back to the Big Apple last month.

The primary purpose was to meet friends and attend my 40th High School Reunion. I took a crazy number of pictures, getting a massive dose of urban landscapes sprinkled with street photography. I was in photographic heaven.

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