Queens Library

Queens Library - Flushing, New York

Queens Library – Flushing, New York

I wonder if any kids use the library anymore? Or if they even know what a library is? I’m assuming that college students still access theirs — if not for research — at least for studying.

Growing up in pre-Internet days, the library was essential. And the Flushing Branch of the Queens Library is where I did research when I was younger. In high school, I went to the big ones in Manhattan.

Flushing has seen inconceivable changes in the fifty-plus years I’ve known it. And not all good, unfortunately. It seems more cluttered and dirty, for example. However, this Queens Library is a notable exception. It was expanded, modernized, and generally sleeker, a significant visual improvement over the one I used.

I talked about Kissena Blvd yesterday. The northern corner of the library is where Kissena ends and merges into Main Street, the other primary north-south road leading to downtown Flushing.

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