Kissena Blvd

Kissena Blvd - Flushing, New York

Kissena Blvd – Flushing, New York

I snapped this picture from the car as my friend, Frank, generously shuttled me from place to place in the old neighborhood. It may look like an ordinary street, but it’s much more. It’s the common link during my eighteen years I lived in Flushing — traveling on it thousands of times. All of the previous neighborhood pictures, including Skyline Towers, the Mars Deli, and the Neighborhood Temple, are all located on this street.

Kissena Blvd is one of two major north-south streets that lead to downtown Flushing. What seemed like a grand arterial doesn’t look very large now. I suppose things look gigantic when you’re a kid. Also, what looks big in New York isn’t so in Texas. I think my subdivision’s main road is more generously proportioned.

Of course, this street gets a whole lot more traffic. At least three bus lines traverse this road — Q17, Q27, and Q25/34. When I felt energetic and wanted to save money, I would walk the 25 minutes from downtown Flushing to my house.

The giant trees and a few grand old apartments (on the left) elevate this area near Maple Avenue. I wonder if these are Maple Trees? They make the Live Oaks in Central Texas look like overgrown shrubs.

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