From the Van Wyck

Van Wyck Expressway - Queens, New York

Van Wyck Expressway – Queens, New York

My friend Frank drove us to dinner to his favorite pizza place near Forest Hills. I got one last glimpse of Flushing as we traveled south on the Van Wyck Expressway. It seems that in New York, people reference highways by name rather than the number. The Van Wyck is I678. The Long Island Expressway is I495, and the Cross Bronx Expressway is I95.

I’m still amazed by the modern glass buildings on the western side of Flushing, and I read there are plans for more. The metal bridge over the highway is how the Number 7 Subway gets into its last station, which I mentioned yesterday. Just to the left, out of frame, is where the train becomes a subway again.

As the sun faded, I reflected on a whirlwind tour of my old stomping grounds. I originally planned for more documentation time, but my plane cancellation and subsequent rerouting cut it short by several hours. Luckily, I packed in all the highlights. Tasty Chinese food would have been the logical choice since I was already in Flushing. But Pizza is my comfort food, and I was hankering for something outstanding in New York.

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