Ground Level Clutter

Broadway Looking South - New York, New York

Broadway Looking South – New York, New York

Here is the view looking south on Broadway from around 52nd Street. We were on the way to Hudson Yards, the newest mega-development in Manhattan. We decided to pass through touristy Times Square to get the complete New York City experience.

Capturing the skyline of New York — where there’s just enough variety for interest but without overwhelming clutter — can be beautiful. That’s what I did yesterday. Get down on the street, and the reality is a little different.

From the air, skyscrapers become abstract forms. On the ground, you have the reality of street signs, advertisements, token landscaping, and cars — mind-bogglingly cluttered and exciting.

The signal lights become a foreground element to a kaleidoscopic background. Scrutinizing the 51MP image from the quiet and comfort of one’s home can be fascinating — not as overwhelmed as real life.

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