The Towers of Hudson Yards

The Towers of Hudson Yards - New York, New York

The Towers of Hudson Yards – New York, New York

Hudson Yards is one of the newest redevelopments in Manhattan that ambitiously expands the business district west to the Hudson River. Started 2014, much of the development was built over the West Side Yard, which stores commuter rail trains. The redevelopment includes parks, a performing arts center, and multiple tall office buildings, as seen here.

Having an interest in architecture and development, I’ve followed its progress (from Austin) for years. It was one of the districts I wanted to visit on my June New York trip.

Purely by accident, my high school buddies wanted to go there too. Their interest, however, was the Edge, an observation platform at 30 Hudson Yards. The Edge claims to be the highest sky deck in the Western Hemisphere.

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