Skyscrapers as Abstract Forms

Abstract Forms, Hudson Yards - New York, New York

Abstract Forms, Hudson Yards – New York, New York

The newly developed skyscrapers at Hudson Yards are an angular conglomeration of abstract forms. They jut out on the west side like giant crystals erupting from a low-slung industrial neighborhood.

While some are primarily rectangular, like the Spiral I featured yesterday, the others have sharp angles that add distinction. This ambitious development is transforming a vast underused part of Manhattan on a scale comparable to Rockefeller Center in the 1930s. Design-wise, however, Hudson Yards has none of the cohesiveness of the development 90 years ago.

Some angles create a sculptural quality enhanced by the black and white, which makes photographs of visual interest. As a development, I like the structure and uniformity of Rockefeller Center.

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