The Transition to Conventional

Impressive Escalators - New York, New York

Impressive Escalators – New York, New York

Oddly, I like taking pictures of escalators, especially long ones that emphasize leading lines. When I can capture six escalators in formation, that’s impressive.

So how do you transition from a white organic future world of architecture, which you can see below, to something conventional? I guess we use a bank of escalators.

Interior, Oculus Center - New York, New York

This long hallway is from the Oculus Center, and yesterday I featured a photo essay of its incredible design. This development connects to others in the neighborhood. The west concourse runs underneath the reimagined World Trade Center site and a roadway to take you to Brookfield Place.

I call Brookfield Place conventional, though I’m not using it as a pejorative. It’s a desirable facility, which I’ll showcase in the next few posts. However, compared to the stunning and unique Oculus, it doesn’t break any new ground.

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