Power Lunch

Power Lunch - New York, New York

Power Lunch – New York, New York

Sometimes I could be in my world, forgetting the day of the week, especially when on vacation. Just because I’m on vacation, the rest of the world isn’t. I perfectly realize. I made this image on a Monday by Ground Zero.

Yet, there was a noticeable lack of regular New Yorkers. Plenty of tourists, to be sure. But not many office workers. The food hall during lunchtime was sparse. Under normal pre-pandemic conditions, I expect wave after wave of busy business people rushing to their next destination.

I did catch this briskly walking woman with lunch in one hand and a phone in the another. Today’s phones are infinitely more capable. However, photographically, one of those early 90s mobiles with a tremendous antenna would make for a more impressive picture. At least we have a striking architectural background.

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