A Park with Leading Lines

Lush Green space, High Line - New York, New York

Lush Green space, High Line – New York, New York

This scene may look like a regular walking path through a park, but it’s far from ordinary. Built on an elevated structure of a former New York Central Railroad spur, the linear park extends 1.45 miles through the west side of Manhattan. The High Line starts south of 14th Street and extends to 34th Street.

The High Line was my destination as I walked west from Union Square Park before being sidetracked by Little Island and Chelsea Market. Opening in 2009, this was my first chance to explore it after leaving New York many years ago.

I had ambitious plans to walk the entire length. However, time was limited. I entered at 14th Street and walked north to 23rd. While I didn’t experience the whole park, I got a good feel for it and snapped worthwhile images. I’ll feature them over the next several days.

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