Flatiron Building and Cafe Life

Flatiron Building and Cafe Life - New York, New York

Flatiron Building and Cafe Life – New York, New York

I did a lot of extra walking to get to my photographic destination, the Flatiron Building. I mistakingly thought it was on 14th Street by Union Square Park and took the subway from Wall Street. I talked about that in this post about George. Instead of walking directly to 23rd Street, I opted to explore the west side.

I have no regrets about my detour. As you see from the posts, I found unexpected photographic subjects, including Little Island. However, I probably walked an extra 3 miles because of my wide detour to the west side and back. My legs were starting to ache.

Upon reaching the Flatiron, I was disappointed by the scaffolding. I felt the extra effort wasn’t worth making a picture of a building under renovation. But then, a change in perspective. The Flatiron under renovation is a marker of a point in time. Something that won’t occur again for a while after its completion.

North of the building, a triangular area formed another outdoor cafe, which I’ve noticed throughout Manhattan. As I mentioned in this post, these people-centric amenities make NYC a kinder and gentler place. A refinement from the grittier city in which I grew up.

It took several attempts to capture the building and the cafe so it could be perspective corrected. The approach is in stark contrast to the super-wide HDR-enhanced images I created over a decade ago. Seen here in my now defunct mostlyfotos blog.

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