Red Umbrellas of Geniality

Street Cafe, 14th Street and 9th Avenue - New York, New York

Street Cafe, 14th Street and 9th Avenue – New York, New York

New York City is power and non-stop action, which can be a relentless and unforgiving place. However, there are touches of geniality not seen when I grew up there. It’s in the small unexpected places like this street cafe with cheerful red umbrellas.

Discovered on my westward march on 14th street, developers transformed this former warehouse district near 9th avenue into a most civilized area. The texture of brick and cobblestone, along with the human-scaled structures, makes for a pleasant space not seen in mid-town.

I noticed street cafes around Manhattan, taking up valuable space yet adding even more value to the urban fabric. They impart a level of friendliness to a place not known for it.

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