Fancy CVS

Fancy CVS - New York, New York

Fancy CVS – New York, New York

A city as large and old as New York has many unexpected details, such as the fanciest CVS you might ever see — not bad for a drugstore chain. This building didn’t start as a store. It’s much too fancy. I assumed it was a bank in a past life — research backed that up.

The structure started as the New York Savings Bank, built in 1896. Across 14th Street, an even more ornate Beaux-arts competitor, which you can see in this article. Now the Museum of Illusions, that building started life in 1907 as the County National Bank.

Imagine life a century ago when these two banks serviced a vibrant neighborhood. It’s a far cry architecturally from the competing generic drive-up banks I see in Austin. Though in reality, banks aren’t that important anymore. If they were, these buildings would continue with their original function. One hundred years ago, people used cash with gold and silver coins. Now everything is nearly virtual. I suspect soon we won’t need any physical bank branches.

I regret not going inside that CVS. Online pictures show a glorious contrast of a decorative shell surrounding standard drugstore aisles. That would’ve made a great picture for my collection.

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