A Fading Business Model

COVID-19 Testing - New York, New York

COVID-19 Testing – New York, New York

After stopping at Union Square Park and capturing George Washington, I headed west on 14th Street. I saw many of these COVID testing setups all over Manhattan.

It was June 2022 when I was in New York, and the COVID concern was still active, though starting to diminish. It was a big contrast from Austin, which got over its COVID hangup a year earlier. I admire the enterprising companies servicing a need. However, it’s decidedly a fading business model. I wonder if there are still around now in early 2023. If so, time to find another line of work.

And while the pandemic is still fresh on our minds, this too will fade. This image will be relegated to the historic scrapbook, documenting life in the early 2020s.

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