Inception Self-Portrait

Stairs, Apple Store Fifth Avenue - New York, New York

Stairs, Apple Store Fifth Avenue – New York, New York

I have one more of the centerpiece stairway from the Apple Store Fifth Avenue — with a twist. Look at it carefully, and you might notice it’s a bit odd.

Have you seen the movie Inception, where the dream sequences defy the laws and physics — the world folds, up is down and down is up? I shot into a mirror, looking down, I think. I forgot exactly how I captured this. Then I flipped the image upside down. With the reflections from multiple mirrored surfaces, you can see above and below ground.

The photo is also a mind-bending self-portrait. You can see me shooting with the Fujifilm GFX 50S II in full dorky photographer mode. I kept the GFX in the flexible sling bag and carried the Fuji X100V in the smaller holster. It’s not stylish, but I can completely hide my cameras and access them quickly.

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