Bulgari Glow

Bulgari Glow - New York, New York

Bulgari Glow – New York, New York

I was walking south on Fifth Avenue after visiting the iconic Apple Store. This part of New York City was comparably quiet at 11 pm as I marveled at the eye-catching stores. The jewel-like Bulgari attracted my attention.

I always look for glow, especially at night — neon is often a good source. However, this store was something else. I didn’t know what Bulgari sold, so I looked it up — jewelry mostly — which seems apropos.

Bulgari is from Rome, Italy, I discovered. In ancient Roman times, the U did not exist in their alphabet and was substituted with a V. Hence the odd spelling. I’ve noticed this phonetic oddity in other classically inspired buildings and not just on upscale jewelers.

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