Apple Store Fifth Avenue

Apple Store Fifth Avenue - New York, New York

Apple Store Fifth Avenue – New York, New York

Did you identify the glass cube I teased in yesterday’s post? It’s the Apple Store Fifth Avenue. I was there at around 10pm, but there was a steady stream of customers — it took some effort to capture the cube people-less, though there was one person, a security guard, nearly invisible behind the door.

This Apple Store is the only one open 24 hours, I believe. It’s obviously one of the modern designs that contrasts with the Apple Stores located in renovated historic structures.

Probably my most used and stolen image is of this location I shot back in 2011, which I found popping up in other internet posts, printed brochures, and even a PBS documentary. It’s distinctly different from today’s photo since it used a super-wide lens at blue hour. Also, that photo from 2011 is of the old cube design with 90 glass panels, subsequently replaced by 15 giant panels.

I had no super-wide angle this time, and because of a parked truck, this was the farthest I could back up. Although I couldn’t perspective correct the image, I captured it dead center.

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