Glow atop the Plaza

Apple Store Fifth Avenue - New York, New York

Apple Store Fifth Avenue – New York, New York

I have one more of the cube before going subterranean. Shooting from an angle instead of my preferred head-on composition allowed a more inclusive view and enabled perspective correction. The glowing cube sits undistorted atop the plaza.

A dozen years ago, when I first shot the Apple cube, I was setting up a tripod before being shut down by security guards and forced to improve without mechanical stabilization. I heard the general hostility towards tripods is a New York City thing. Now, I counter with technology.

Using in-body image stabilization changes the game, as I often write. These are the circumstances where it really shines. I can make high-quality images, especially with the GFX medium format camera, without extra gear or raising the ire of rule-enforcing rent-a-cops. With a 1/8.3 second shutter speed, I achieved a low ISO of 400 with a slow zoom. I probably could have pushed it to ISO 200 if I had tried hard.

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4 thoughts on “Glow atop the Plaza

  1. I can understand the animosity toward tripods. It is easy for passersby to trip and fall in crowded spaces, and some photographers can be careless. When I photographed Grand Central several years ago, our group had to get special tripod permits.

    If your camera does not have in-body image stabilisation, the workaround is to use a monopod. You may still get hassled, but you could argue that using the monopod close to your body is no more a hazard than a walking stick. Get a monopod that looks like a hiking stick.

    FYI. Selfie sticks are also banned in many spaces in New York City

    1. A monopod might be a decent alternative. Though it might not work as well as modern image stabilization. I’m glad we have a technology solution around the tripod issue.

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