Character-filled Katz’s

Katz's Deli - New York, New York

Katz’s Deli – New York, New York

I made it to my next destination — just in time for lunch, which was the plan. It was a quick 7-minute walk from the Tenement Museum and allowed for documentation of the historic brick apartments in the Lower East Side.

Lunch here was my last meal in New York City, and I wanted it to be memorable. I’ve been to Katz’s before, multiple times but many years ago. I couldn’t wait.

Katz’s claims this is the oldest Delicatessen in NYC, established in 1888. Ranked as one of the best in New York and often featured in movies and TV shows, including a famous scene in the 1989 RomCom When Harry Met Sally…

Katz's Deli - New York, New York

Architecturally, the facade is a mishmash of signs but oh so wonderfully character-filled — the bold vertical Katz’s mixes with neon and painted metal. It’s hard to beat the layers of years built-up on the storefront.

I only wished I was there at night, capturing the glowing neon. Wouldn’t that be beautiful?

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3 thoughts on “Character-filled Katz’s

  1. Best Pastrami in NYC!
    But!! At the risk of heresy, check out Mum Foods Deli on Manor Rd back in Austin. It’s amazing and the owner has roots in Queens.

      1. Actually, no! I usually forego any type of BBQ in NYC and stick with Katz’s or 2nd Ave Deli for pastrami or corned beef. In Austin, my favorite in Austin is also Black’s. Stiles Switch is a solid 2nd. Did you find a Texas worthy BBQ place in NYC?

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