Anthem Blur

Anthem, Rainey Street - Austin, Texas

Anthem, Rainey Street – Austin, Texas

I left the Dolby event and walked 15 minutes southeast to arrive at Rainey Street — another hotbed of SXSW activity. It was dark already, but this entertainment area was bustling with activity.

Anthem is a restaurant located in an 8-story mid-rise apartment building. The complex is substantial but looks tiny compared to the towering Condos that continue to outdo each other in size. As a result, the once sleepy bungalow-filled neighborhood is wholly transformed and nearly unrecognizable.

Adding interest in the foreground is the motion blur of an electric-powered taxi. One of several I found whizzing around this area. I slowed the shutter to 1/5 of a second to produce this effect – shot handled and with the much-appreciated in-body image stabilization.

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