Hotel Van Zandt, Again

Lobby, Hotel Van Zandt - Austin, Texas

Lobby, Hotel Van Zandt – Austin, Texas

I was down on Rainey Street for SXSW and went to the Hotel Van Zandt looking for action. Nothing crazy. I went inside, wondering if there were any SXSW-related events. I guess I’m like a squirrel looking for stashes of acorns. There were SXSW events here in the past, so I checked it out again this year. Unfortunately, there was nothing — at least on the opening day on Friday.

I snapped this picture of the lobby, which I like because it looked comfortable and unfussy, and it seems remarkably similar to this post from last year, though eagle-eyed views will notice a difference.

Last year, I used the Fujifilm X100V, which produced a 35mm equivalent framing. This year, the Fujifilm X-S10 with the 16mm created a wider 24mm equivalent. Coupled with image stabilization, I made a high-quality picture with superior color and framing, producing a better context for the lobby.

Lobby, Hotel Van Zandt - Austin, Texas

Upstairs was quiet with no open bars and no awkward VR participants. However, pure serenity and architectural moodiness created a desirable image. A space not overburdened with the clutter of SXSW attendees.

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