8 thoughts on “Haiku Photo: McDonald’s

  1. Hey, that’s the classic building design dating back to the late 1950s, early ’60s. Are they building them that way again? Or is that a spiffed up version of something in-place for the past 50 years?

      1. Now, if they’d just return to the 1950s, early ’60s product: fresh (if tiny) burgers made of real meat, cooked on the grill as you watched, with the buns toasted face-down on the same griddle. Yum! 19 cents!

      2. It’s not 19 cents, but there is a family owned chain in the West coast of the U.S. called In-n-out burger. They still make burgers the way they did back in the 50s. Ironically, I think they started in the same year McDonald’s did.

        There is some excitement in Austin since In-n-out just opened their first store here.

  2. Nice! I just recently found your blog. It’s very inspiring and your photography with consumer cameras shows what can be achieved by someone with skill. I just googled “haiku”. All the best

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