I go to nature but all I see are buildings

Swedish Log Cabin, Zilker Botanical Garden - Austin, Texas

Swedish Log Cabin, Zilker Botanical Garden – Austin, Texas

I went to Zilker Botanical Garden with my Dad, who was visiting during the holiday break. My dad is an avid photographer and he is stepping up into a mirrorless camera from his point and shoot. Since he likes flowers, we went to the garden but that was a bust. Even in relatively mild Austin, there were no flowers to be had in January.

We shot anyway just for the practice. Except I’m not much of a landscape photographer, at least here in Austin. I realized that it takes a different skill to eliminate the clutter which comes with the natural growth. Using a wide-angle lens also complicates things. I pickup too many leaves and undergrowth that distracts.

As you know, I love shooting cities and architecture. That’s what comes naturally. So even though I’m in a botanical garden, my strongest image was of a building. Go figure. This is a Swedish Log Cabin built by Austin area settlers around 1838. It was part of a small exhibit featuring local history.

Perhaps I’ll give another try when more things are in bloom.

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8 thoughts on “I go to nature but all I see are buildings

  1. I like combining structure and nature, angles and foliage. But I’ll take pictures of my toys and veggies in the supermarket if that’s all there is to shoot. I am getting very fond of nights in the city, though πŸ™‚ Gonna be in Boston Thursday night, so I’m taking the camera! Hey, I got a second PM2 for $268 πŸ™‚ Score!

    1. Perhaps a little urban night photo influence on my part πŸ˜‰

      Boston would be fun to shoot. I’ve only been there twice for a very short time.

      The E-PM2 is such a great camera and it flies under so many radars too.

      1. From a “feel” point of view, the P3 is my favorite, but the bigger sensor on the PM2 does make a visible difference. And yes, your influence has gotten to do the kind of photography I never did before … and I LOVE it πŸ™‚

      2. Well that’s great. I’m glad I’ve influenced your art in a small way.

        FYI, the sensor since of the E-PM2 is the same size as the E-P3. However, it is a much better (and newer) sensor so the improvement definitely shows.

  2. I hear you. I struggle when concrete, glass and steel gives way to trees and flowers. And if I’m in the country and there is so much as a shed, a power pole or even a fence then I’ll gravitate towards those structures for sure πŸ™‚

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