My favorite photograph from 2013

A wild night on 6th Street - Austin, Texas

A wild night on 6th Street – Austin, Texas

On our local Facebook photographer’s group, we each posted our single favorite photograph from 2013. I posted this one.

I take a lot of photos every year and perhaps there may be a better one, at least technically. However, this one resonates with me. At first when I created it, I was unsure — there was a lot of motion blur. But I realized that it captures a certain mood on 6th Street. The wild, colorful and exciting bar scene in Austin’s most famous entertainment district comes alive.

The photograph is more colorful and vivid than in real life. But more and more, my photography is less about real life and more about the mood I want to express. This is how my photography is evolving or at least the path I want to take.

After all, I’m not documenting products for marketing brochures — accurate color and lighting is less important. I remember when I got into photography or even when I started HDR. Trying to capture, what I believed, what my eyes saw was of the utmost importance. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that this is a foolish goal. Photography is not reality. It’s an interpretation. A point of view. There is no right or wrong in Art.

So I picked this photo for the mood I want to express. It’s an attempt to move beyond the plumbing and mechanics of photography. Capturing that technically perfect image, no longer the goal. The feeling of a picture, while harder to define and highly personal, is what I’m after. It’s something that I’m working on in 2014.

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10 thoughts on “My favorite photograph from 2013

  1. Not my favorite of your images but no offense intended as you know how much I enjoy your images. My taste is that the photo doesn’t have to be realistic, but it has to look realistic. When it’s obvious that the sliders have been moved far to the right I move to the next photo. That said, every photographer should be true to what pleases them and no one else. And thank you for sharing your photos with us.

    1. Tom, I perfectly understand your comment. Thanks for your feedback.

      I realize the photo is not for everyone. It is certainly on the wild and colorful side but fits the mood of 6th street.

      I may have to balance it out with a more somber photo 😉

  2. I like this photo. I also like your reason for choosing it. I like it when a photographer’s reason for liking his work revolves around emotions and feelings rather than mere technical details. I rarely (if ever) hear painters or musicians talk about liking their work for technical reasons but it is a common occurrence among photographers. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

    1. Really great point! Yes don’t remember hearing other artists/musicians talk about technical reasons.

      Perhaps I’m maturing somewhat as a photographer.

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