Number 7 Train

Number 7, Main Street - Flushing, New York

Back when I lived in New York City, the Number 7 train was my most used subway line. It ran from Times Square in Manhattan to Main Street, Flushing, in Queens. I just discovered that the Number 7 line was extended west and south, past Times Square, to the newly emerging mega-development called Hudson Yards, on 34th Street and 11th Avenue. This is the first new stop added to the New York Subway system since 1989.

The old and dirty NYC subway rightly deserves criticism, but it has one feature that bests most train systems. It’s open 24 hours a day. Even at 3am the 7 train is surprisingly packed. From the photos I’ve seen online, the new 34th Street station looks beautiful, certainly different from the Main Street station shown above. New York City itself is certainly more vibrant that when I lived there. Nice to see the improvements.

This is an atypical view, by the way. Usually if you see this perspective, it means trouble, since the train is coming straight for you. Taken with a Sony NEX-5, my first mirrorless camera, back in 2011.

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5 thoughts on “Number 7 Train

  1. The last time we rode the subway was about 5 years ago and they smelled just as bad then as they always have. The good thing is that they go everywhere and they are cheap and fast. But they are really noisy, crowded, and they stink.

      1. True. But you have to admit, that’s not a very high bar! 30 years ago … 55 years ago, which is when I started riding the subway … they were really BAD. And yet at 13 and 14 I rode them all over the city. I was probably stupidly fearless, but aside from the omnipresent flashers, I never felt in any kind of danger.

      2. I first road the subway, by myself, 43 years ago when I was 9 or so. I used to go to the Gimbel’s on Herald Square to look at stamps and coins for my collection.

        It was different back then. Kids can travel by themselves and it was safe and people didn’t freakout about it.

      3. It must be true. Because my mother never thought twice about letting me go take dance lessons in Manhattan and ride the subway from Queens. We all did. All my little girl friends. It was fine. Smelly. Noisy. And fine.

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