The Alien Among Us

The Alien Among Us - Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Alien Among Us – Amsterdam, Netherlands

In my travels, it’s aways fascinating to look at the differences. The design of houses, the cities, the foods and the cultures. That’s what makes travel and travel photography so fun. But, inevitably, you discover that there are more similarities than differences. People are people. We have similar dreams, likes and dislikes.

I often wonder, what if there’s definitive proof that intelligent life exists on other planets. An alien world so different from our own, that it blows our minds. Would that bring the people of Earth, closer together? To celebrate our similarities and not crucify each other over the differences.

There is an alien in all of us. Differences that makes us weird or unique. Let’s celebrate these differences and be comforted by the similarities.

I took this in Amsterdam back in 2014. I love how everyone is going about their regular lives, while an alien watches in plain sight. Shot with the Fujifulm X100s and part of my Travelgram Collection, where I seek travel photos beyond the typical post cards.

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