Mika at Precision Camera Expo

Mika at Precision Camera Expo - Austin, Texas

Mika at Precision Camera Expo – Austin, Texas

In addition to the cameras, lenses and gear that surrounds photography, that were on display at the Precision Camera Expo, they also had seminars with models. During a demonstration of off camera lighting and triggers, I jumped in quickly between the lessons to shoot Mika.

Years ago, I dabbled with the off camera strobes, soft boxes and other man-made lighting sources. For now, I’m just content to make a quick portrait with available light. Nothing fancy. I’ve been playing with my new Olympus 75mm f1.8 lens, which is perfect for portraits, and seeing what I can do. For a photographer that tends to do urban photography and architecture, I’ve noticed that I’ve shot a lot of people, lately.

I don’t consider myself a portrait photographer, but it’s always fun to move out of one’s comfort zone. Compared to the low-light bar portraits of late, the daytime, well-lit portraits at Precision Camera were easy, on a technical level. I shot this at ISO 640, at f1.8 and 1/160 seconds. Though I added +0.7 in exposure compensation, the photograph was fairly dark and dull. I was pleasantly surprised with what I created, with additional post processing.

Of course, the real challenge of portrait photography is on the human and personal level. Making the subject feel comfortable so that you can make a natural looking photo. Working with a model makes it easier, since they are used to being in front of the camera. I’m trying to move away from the typical model poses, however. Just a simple headshot with a good expression. That’s what I want to create.

While I added saturation in post processing, Mika’s eyes are really that blue. She is wearing contact lenses which enhance that intense color that you see. I wasn’t going crazy with the saturation slider.

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