Nature Band-aid

Nature Band-aid, University of Texas - Austin, Texas

Nature Band-aid, University of Texas – Austin, Texas

A few months ago, I was out on a photowalk and testing cameras when I came upon this monstrosity, somewhere on the University of Texas campus. It’s a brutal architectural space with a nature band-aid. As though a few small trees are going to heal an architectural design wound like this.

But photographically, I found it interesting. The sharp angles formed by the buildings and the light created an abstract frame around this disconnected bit of nature. Perhaps the architects planned it this way. A bit of organically shaped green to contrast against the hard white geometry.

On the other hand, it doesn’t seem very people friendly. Maybe its only real purpose is a place to park bicycles. Maybe even the bikes don’t want to be there.

Shot with the Ricoh GR and posted as part of my Daily Life Collection. Everyday images that I’ve captured, hopefully in a slightly different way, as I go about life in Austin.

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3 thoughts on “Nature Band-aid

    1. I believe the Boston City is a classic example of brutalist architecture. A design that may makes sense architecturally, as a theoretical design, but doesn’t take people into account.

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