Libby at Seaholm

Libby at Seaholm - Austin, Texas

Libby at Seaholm – Austin, Texas

I was over at the recently finished Seaholm development, last night, for another Drink and Click. It started out slowly, with only a few participants, but it turned out to be a lively affair by the end of the night. Libby and her girl friend Naili stopped by to have a glass of wine and to partake for a bit. I did a quick photoshoot to kick things off.

I’ve played with the Olympus 75mm f1.8, for a couple of months, and had mixed results. It’s an incredible lens but takes some effort, for a couple of reasons. First, I’m not used to the long focal length. The 75 on the Olympus is equivalent to 150mm on a full frame camera. While you don’t have to step back too far for framing head and shoulders, getting anything close to a full length body, requires a lot of distance from the subject. Second, these Drink and Click events typically get crowded with multiple photographers vying for their shot. Those with shorter focal lengths usually end up jumping in front of me which blocks my shots.

Luckily, last night, I got to shoot Libby early on, with only one other photographer, David, who was nice enough to hold the supplemental lighting. We used something called an Ice Light, made by Westcott, which is a tubular LED light resembling a light saber from Star Wars. With a relaxed setting, David and I took turns shooting before the others joined in. With some excellent poses from Libby, I ended up with my favorite portrait with my new 75mm.

The long focal length compress features, which works well for portraits. Also, it compressed the background for an unexpectedly nice effect. Libby was actually sitting on stairs, but the compression turned the background into a textured wall. The Ice Light was set on half power and so even at f2, I was shooting at ISO 1600 with a 1/100s shutter speed. A little post processing, and I think it came out well, even if it was shot in a darker, non traditional setting.

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