Stairs and Structure, Seaholm

Stairs and Structure, Seaholm - Austin, Texas

Stairs and Structure, Seaholm – Austin, Texas

I’ve shot a lot of portraits lately at Drink and Click. Today, in keeping with my urban landscapes roots, here’s one that I took two nights ago. It’s at the newly completed Seaholm re-development, of which the centerpiece is a repurposed power station. This is the first time I’ve been there at night.

As part of the re-development, they kept the metal structure and smoke stacks behind the power plant. This straight out of the camera image is this using the Mono Profile 2 setting on the Olympus PEN-F. In anticipation of a little architecture action, I brought along the Olympus 9-18mm super wide-angle, which worked well. The gritty black and white looked better than I thought.

The 9-18mm is a conveniently small lens, but it’s slow with a f4 to f5.6 aperture. I shot this at a 1/6 of a second shutter speed, hand-held, to keep a reasonable ISO.

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3 thoughts on “Stairs and Structure, Seaholm

  1. I am JUST beginning to figure out what to do with various settings. There’s so much to learn. I love naked architecture in black & white. it seems to be structure like that is perfect for monochrome. Great angle, too.

    1. Thanks Marilyn. I’ve done black and white architecture before but usually without the grainy film look. I think the lines are bold enough here to look good. I sometimes fear the grainy, contrasty look can looked muddled, which is perhaps the point. to some extent.

      There are a lot of features on the Olympus cameras which takes a while to explore.

      1. You definitely need a very strong contrasty image for graininess to enhance the shot. Otherwise, you’re right. It looks muddy.

        I’m not sure I’ll ever find all the features and doubt I’d use most of them any. But there are capabilities to this camera that I think might enjoy … I just have to find them 🙂 It’s a “buried menu” problem.

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