The Light from Above

Naili, Seaholm Parking Garage - Austin, Texas

Naili, Seaholm Parking Garage – Austin, Texas

I wanted to create a different kind of portrait. As you might recall, I did an impromptu photoshoot with Naili, earlier this month during a Drink and Click. For reasons that I explained in this post, we ended up doing the photoshoot in a parking garage. This photo, shot in a darker area, has a different feel compared to the others.

I added more texture and industrial grunge for a cinematic look. Something I enjoyed doing, using some creativity during post processing. I know many people don’t like or bother altering their images in post. But I think it does have its place, especially if you’re after something particular. And while the bones of the image were there, selective burning, dodging and white balance changes, made all the difference. Shot with the Olympus PEN-F and Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4 lens.

Click here for 9 more photos of Naili, shot during the Impromptu Photoshoot.

Naili’s website: Naili Woelper.

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