Taxis on 6th Street

Taxis on 6th Street - Austin, Texas

Taxis on 6th Street – Austin, Texas

This is another of my classic shots that I featured on my defunct mostlyfotos blog. I took this back in March 12, 2010. Given the date, I most likely shot this during the big SXSW conference that happens around that time. As I vaguely recall, a bunch of us went out on a photowalk during SXSW, and I made this on 6th Street, Austin’s most famous entertainment district.

The photograph is also noteworthy, for me, since the Austin Bergstrom Airport licensed this. The last time I checked, it was printed large, framed and hanging on the wall at the airport.

It goes to show that a Canon 20D, a 8MP camera originally introduced in 2004, is capable of creating good images that can be displayed large for public consumption. Sure, the current crop of super high-resolution digitals might have finer detail, but would it materially change the feel of the image? Probably not.

Also, I shot this on a tripod with a decently hefty setup. Now, using modern technology, I could make a technically superior image, handheld. This urban blue hour image with motion blur, has the same feel as these photographs from Chicago, which I created about a year ago. I made the Chicago photos with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II, handheld, courtesy of the wonderful built-in 5 stop, 5 axis image stabilization.

Forget about super high megapixels. Super effective image stabilization, now that’s technology that really improves (photographic) life. I don’t think anybody likes lugging around a tripod, if they don’t have to.

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6 thoughts on “Taxis on 6th Street

  1. Beautiful shot! I looked through to your Chicago images, and I see what you mean. Once upon a time it would have been all but impossible to get those contrasting sharp and motion blur shots handheld. At any time, let alone after sunset.

    1. I’ve got two tripods. One is a light Gorillapod clone, and I can set that up on the table for photographing objects, especially when the light is dim or I want to stop right down for sharpness. It’s also useful for doing selfie type shots. I am so over trying to balance my camera on a pile of pebbles or something!

      The second is a regular size, and it’s good for precisely these type of night shots, but now, with my Pen F and its ability to pixelshift, I need something rocksolid for ultra high res photographs, or HDR or focus stacking.

      Getting things tight and level for a panorama is another great use. Try as I might handheld, there’s generally some unevenness between start and finish of a pan.

      Not everyday shots, I know, but when a specialised opportunity comes up, it’s nice to have the equipment to make the most of it.

      1. And indeed, that’s exactly why I bought it. In fact, my husband absolutely insisted — because where he comes from a tripod is critical. I have a lot of trouble feeling so held down. I need to get over it. And one day, I’m sure i will 😀

      2. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to completely get rid of my tripods. But I do use them less. I still like to use them for HDRs, longer night exposures and when I need to get the maximum quality by shooting at a low ISO.

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