A Morning at Hartsfield

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport - Atlanta, Georgia

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport – Atlanta, Georgia

I like to think that I’m reasonably balanced, in most things — even rather boring. But when it comes to photography, I’m gripped with passion and enthusiasm. Nothing’s more telling than the story behind this image, which I shot in the Atlanta airport back in 2010.

It was Friday and I was on my way home from a business trip in California — looking forward to seeing my family but also to attend the Precision Camera Expo, which was scheduled for that weekend. Back in 2010, Precision Camera put on a really big show, in a rented conference center, with all day lectures. As a novice, starting out, I took every chance to learn more about photography.

You guessed it. The flight from San Jose to Austin was cancelled. After vigorous negotiation, I made it on to a 10:30pm redeye from San Jose to Atlanta, getting in around 8:30am on Saturday. A connecting flight got me back to Austin before noon. To maximize my time at the expo, I decide to drive directly to the show. My reunion with my family will have to wait until evening. Embarrassingly, to be half way presentable, I actually washed my hair and face in a sink in the bathroom at the airport.

Of course, I’m always thinking about photography and I shot this during my wait. A hazy sunrise over Atlanta. It’s a three image HDR, shot with my Canon 7D and Sigma wide-angle lens, on tripod. I was in my super wide-angle, leading lines phase, back then. If I was shooting this now, I would have zoomed in and shifted my composition a little to the left. I could have cropped in post, but decided to keep the original image, as I posted it in my old mostlyfotos blog.

The photo is also a reminder of the wacky things I’ve done for my addiction called photography.

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