Sully’s at Blue Hour

Sully's at Blue Hour - Austin, Texas

Sully’s at Blue Hour – Austin, Texas

A number of years ago, I shot this very building from about the same place. I was playing with the Pentax Q7, which was one of the smallest interchangeable mirrorless cameras made. I was fascinated by its tiny size and a good collection of lenses. I was hoping to have a super small HDR rig that I can take anywhere, with a correspondingly small tripod. In the post “Is This the Ultimate Small Camera for HDR”, I have a sample of this same scene, along with 9 other HDR examples I created with the Pentax.

In keeping with my recent non-tripod, in-camera image stabilization examples, I shot this one with the Olympus PEN-F, handheld. The shutter was at 1/3 of a second shot at a 24mm equivalent which allowed me to shoot at ISO 200. Between my new post processing technique and optimized dynamic range, I think it looks pretty good compared to the Pentax HDR created nearly three years ago.

Ultimately, I did buy the Pentax Q7, but ended up enjoying the contrasty black and white mode, rather than using it as my primary HDR camera. Olympus didn’t have 5 stop image stabilization back in 2014, though they did have 5 axis stabilization. Now a few years later, I’m still not going to throw away my tripod. But, I’m using it less and less, which is fine by me.

It might be an interesting to reshoot the same scenes that I created HDRs for, with the Penatx. While not the ultimate test. It would be a good real world tryout for a tripod-less and HDR-less future that I prefer.

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2 thoughts on “Sully’s at Blue Hour

  1. This shot (done with the Olympus) has much better detail than the HDR shot with the Pentax. It covers the dynamic range very well and maintains a more realistic look. I love my Fuji XPRO2 but I wish it had the Olympus IBIS! The more I read and see your posts the more I am sold on getting an Olympus Pen-F. in the future.

    1. Hi Michael, glad you like my photo and the PEN-F writeups. The Fuji XPro2 is a fantastic camera and should be more than capable of making the photos you want. Don’t think that you need to move, in the future, to the PEN-F or any other camera. Use what works for you. And have fun shooting.

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