Colorful Characters

Colorful Characters, Spider House - Austin, Texas

Colorful Characters, Spider House – Austin, Texas

I talked yesterday about the SXSW Olympus Drink and Click, we had in March. It was a fun time with lots socializing and portrait photography. Towards the end of the event, I noticed a different crowded mixing with the photographers. They were a colorful bunch who stood out from the comparably drab and conventional Drink and Clickers. What I realized later was, Spider House, the eclectic venue near the University of Texas campus, had another event scheduled at 10pm.

A hip hop concert was up next, that drew a different kind of crowd. One that was more flamboyant than the average photographer. And while I consider photographers to be, perhaps, a bit more creative than average, these guys seem off the charts. That made for wonderful portrait possibilities. Luckily the lighting was still up as we positioned the group.

I switched to the moderately wide 34mm equivalent lens on my Olympus. It’s wonderful when two different worlds, with distinct cultures, meet. The blend produces something more interesting together. The sum of the parts, greater than the whole. That’s the fun thing about Austin, particularly during SXSW season. There are so many events, with different audiences, that you never know what’s going to happen.

Sometimes, you are lucky enough to have the right gear and lighting, at the right time, to create a memorable image.

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