Here’s Johnny

Here's Johnny, Graffiti Wall - Austin, Texas

Here’s Johnny, Graffiti Park – Austin, Texas

Do you remember this scene from the classic 1980 movie, The Shining? I remember it was terrifying and funny at the same time. Jack Nicholson chops a hole through the door and says “Here’s Johnny!”, as he peered through the opening. I assumed it was in reference to the famous catchphrase introducing Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show.

You sometimes see substantial work at the Graffiti Park. I don’t often visit Austin’s famous Hope Outdoor Gallery but I stopped by, on the way back from Eeeyore’s Birthday Party. Over a year ago, I read that it was being closed for a new development, so I was surprised and pleased to still see it there.

I shot this with the in-camera black and white on the PEN-F. I think this urban art might make a nice art piece, framed with a large white border. And, if you think about it, there are five layers of creative expression represented by this.

First there’s the original, “The Shining”, a novel by Stephen King. Second, the movie interpretation by Stanly Kubrick. Third, there’s Jack Nicholson’s acting. Fourth, the graffiti artist who painted this. And finally, my black and white photograph.

I can’t claim much creative expression for just shooting this image, but the layers are fun to consider.

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4 thoughts on “Here’s Johnny

  1. I love this Andy, this was one of our first stops when I got picked up by Mr Nix, what a great place, as a matter of fact my blog post today is about this place, have a great weekend Andy

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