The Broken Spoke at Blue Hour

The Broken Spoke at Blue Hour - Austin, Texas

The Broken Spoke at Blue Hour – Austin, Texas

Here’s another classic of mine, that I made in January 2010. It’s a more vivid version, of my famous Broken Spoke photo, that I shot moments before. The striking red and blue fits well into this three image mini-series.

The Broken Spoke is a well known Texas dance hall, located on Lamar Boulevard in South Austin. It’s now surrounded by new, multi-story apartment buildings encroaching on both sides. Kind of like the story of “The Little House”, which was one of my favorite books when I was a child. I guess I had an interest in architecture and urban landscapes, even when I was a kid. Back seven years ago, before the boom on South Lamar, the Broken Spoke stood proudly with its neighbors.

This is a HDR, like many of my photos of that era. Shot with the ancient Canon 20D and a modest Canon kit lens. I bought the 20D used and in a slightly rough condition, but realized how much nicer this prosumer camera was, compared to my beginner Rebel XT.

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