Coffee Culture

Local Coffee, Pearl District - San Antonio, Texas

Local Coffee, Pearl District – San Antonio, Texas

You follow blogs for long enough, and inevitably, they seem to talk about coffee. Where to get it, the best beans, how to roast them and the techniques to make the prefect cup. Or, people talk about the their favorite cafés and probably complain about the chains like Starbucks. This is not one of those posts. In fact, you might be shocked to hear that I don’t drink coffee.

Yes, I know it’s strange, but I never developed a desire for it. In fact, my younger sister too, doesn’t drink the stuff and she’s even a foodie. I’m the only one in the family since my wife, and both boys 18 and 14, partake. There’s a coffee culture and I feel mostly left out, but not entirely. Because there’s always photography.

This scene is from a place called Local Coffee in San Antonio. They have three locations and this is the one in the Pearl District. It was bustling and attractive and as the family stopped in for their fix, I got mine, photographically. I actually like the smell of freshly ground beans and I supposed if I try I could drink the stuff. It’s just that I never saw a need to. While people look like the walking dead until they get their first cup or two, I just drink water in the morning.

No, I’m hardly a healthy food person. My drink of choice is Coke, and with all the sugar it’s probably much worse for you than coffee. I try to keep my Coke consumption to about few cups a week, ideally. I drink mostly water, some Coke and the occasional vodka tonic. I’m not a hot beverage person, I don’t drink tea either.

I shot this with the Ricoh GR. Despite using Capture One, with its sophisticated color processing, I still couldn’t get it looking just right. The conversion to black and white looks good, I think, and nicely captures the mood of the place.

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9 thoughts on “Coffee Culture

  1. My wife and I love Local Coffee, and the Pearl District! It’s our getaway spot on occasion. BTW, I appreciate that you can be open and honest about yourself in your blogs.

      1. Garry wouldn’t drink coffee through most of his life. It was the smell that eventually got him to taste it for the first time. He was maybe 60 ish? I didn’t drink coffee until I moved to Israel and again, it was the small of brewed coffee with cardamom.

        My mother was a coffee lover. She liked everything coffee from ice cream to cake. When she introduced me to coffee, she was shocked I didn’t like it.

        I did, eventually. It just took another 20 years 🙂 There’s still hope for you!

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