The Country of Texas

Entrance, Rodeo Austin - Austin, Texas

Entrance, Rodeo Austin – Austin, Texas

If you spend any time in Texas, you realize that the notion of Texas being a separate country has a certain ring of truth to it. It’s mostly marketing at this point, which aids in the selling of trucks and other paraphernalia that promotes a Texas way of life. But there have been various secession movements throughout history and Texas was an independent republic when they broke away from Mexico in 1836 and until 1845 when they became part of the United States.

You see the Texas state flag flying everywhere. And why not, it’s a beautiful flag. Truth be told, I prefer its simple lines and bold geometry to the more complex U.S. Flag. It did feel strange at first, however, when I moved here from the east coast, 26 years ago. It’s someplace that I never expected to be living. But compare the graphically superior flag to the rest of the state flags and you see why it fits into the “Country of Texas” identity.

Tennessee has a nice design too and California’s is bold with the big bear. But in general, most state flags are rather forgettable. Many of the flags in the North East look about the same and I would be hard pressed to distinguish between New York, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.

Interestingly, do you know that there are three electrical grids in the United States. There’s the East Coast grid, the West Coast Grid and the Texas Grid. Just saying.

I took this photo at the entrance to Rodeo Austin this year. With all the flags and the fencing, it looks like some kind of border crossing. Well, kind of — it’s the gateway to Texas from Austin. Austin, that’s another story. Though the state capital, it has enough of a different identity that it doesn’t quite fit into the rest of Texas. And, most likely, the rest of Texas is not very sure of Austin either.

While I do love the Texas flag, I identify more with Austin. When I travel, I say that I’m from Austin and not Texas.

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2 thoughts on “The Country of Texas

  1. They sure look good in that blue sky!!!!! Agree, many flags in the US are rather boring….(I can’t even really tell anything good about the one from my own state, Michigan, or even my birth country, France). But my favorite state flag by far would be Arizona. Boy, that’s really an awesome flag….

    1. We have a lot of blue skies here, certainly compared to the mid-west.

      Arizona’s is interesting and unique. I don’t ever remember seeing it, even when I was there.

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