Carnival Food

Carnival Food, Rodeo Austin - Austin, Texas

Carnival Food, Rodeo Austin – Austin, Texas

The carnival food at these state fairs are infamous for deep-fried everything. But I suppose, for some people, that’s part of the fun. An escape from the everyday and an excuse to eat “bad for you” stuff, on a special occasion. I’m not a health food nut so I suppose I’m not opposed, nutritionally, to eating at these places. But rather, it’s the high food prices, more than anything that gives me pause.

I’ve gone to Rodeo Austin for a number of years and I don’t play any games, eat any food or go on any rides. But, between the cost of parking and the entrance fees, I’m sure the establishment still makes a fair amount off my visit. I’m there for the atmosphere and the photography. And maybe these fairs are not the most exotic places but they are a lot different from my usual urban downtown environments.

I often like to shoot people by these food booths, especially at night, where the colorful glow makes for some drama. In this rare day light shot, however, the color still pops and remarkably, the people seem perfectly color coordinated. It’s almost like they picked their clothes as camouflage, perhaps so they aren’t seen buying carnival food.

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