Imperfect and Moody

Imperfect and Moody, ROT Rally - Austin, Texas

Imperfect and Moody, ROT Rally – Austin, Texas

This is a far from perfect photo. With iffy panning and uneven motion blur, it’s the kind the image I usually delete when I pick my keepers after an event. But the image grew on me. Not only did I not delete it, it got elevated as a blog pick.

As I continue to explore photography, I vacillate between trying to achieve perfection and shooting more from the heart. The objective of course is to create a compelling photograph. Perfection can be boring but extreme imperfection can merely be caused by sloppy technique. So how to you strike the balance?

This photo results from a combination of factors. I had a desire to create something similar but my imperfect execution resulted in a clumsy implementation. But not so much that it’s a total mess. If I were dishonest, I could boast that I was purposely going for this look. Not so. But, I’ll always take a happy accident.

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2 thoughts on “Imperfect and Moody

  1. It’s a great shot. I used to delete a lot of technically imperfect photos. I stopped doing that after reading Danny Clinch’s book. The important stuff isn’t captured by sharpness, focus, or color. If the image doesn’t have soul, none of that technical stuff matters.

    1. Yeah, as I continue in photography and continue to evolve, I’m coming to that conclusion.

      I looked at Danny’s site. Great stuff.

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