Idealized Diwali Fireworks

Idealized Diwali Fireworks - Austin, Texas

Idealized Diwali Fireworks – Austin, Texas

I imagine, for many folks, especially the kids, the fireworks show is the highlight of the Diwali Celebration in Austin. It was a good display, almost on par with what I experience on the 360 Bridge during the Fourth of July. And while the sparklers where an intimate celebration of light, the giant light show was for everyone to collectively enjoy.

I knew from the invite that there was going to be fireworks. That’s why I begrudgingly brought my tripod. As good as the image stabilization is these days, I knew I needed steady sticks to capture fireworks correctly. The light show, however, were going to take place away the main Hindu Temple. While convenient and safe, and unobjectionable for most, I was a bit disappointed from an image making perspective. I rather see the fireworks just behind the temple with the dramatic dome and water features in the foreground. That’s why I took creative liberties.

Yes, this is a “fake” photo.

I did shoot all the pictures, but I composited the temple and the two fireworks explosions from three different images. All shot on tripod, the temple exposure was for 5 seconds and the fireworks for 8 seconds each. The picture was convincing enough the both my son and wife didn’t know it was doctored.

So, as the title says, this is my “Idealized” version of the Diwali Fireworks. At least what I wanted to see. And while this shows a festive scene that didn’t actually happen, it captures the happy mood of the celebration.

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5 thoughts on “Idealized Diwali Fireworks

  1. Unless working as a photojournalist for a medium which insists it is delivering straight news there’s nothing wrong with composites. Every photo that uses recovered highlights or opened shadow areas is a composite — they’re just the product of software sliders rather than blended images. Have at it.

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