Behind the Photoshoot

Behind the Photoshoot, Drink and Click - Austin, Texas

Behind the Photoshoot, Drink and Click – Austin, Texas

By now, you probably know that I make a lot of portraits at Drink and Click events and I’ve featured a bunch on this blog. What’s not obvious about these portraits, or most other photos I suppose, is how many people are around, potentially making the same photo.

I happen to catch this, attracted to the light and the backlit model. Surround her, in a semi-circle, were the participates. I joined the mix too, moments later.

One of the things I’m trying to do is to create photos that are different from the others. I don’t claim to be a creative genius or doing anything radical. But alternate points of view and creating grainy black and white portraits are, at least, not what everyone else seems to be doing.

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2 thoughts on “Behind the Photoshoot

  1. I like it. ‘Deep Blacks’… Is that one of the monochrome art filters?
    Beautiful effect with the backlighting.
    I now have the Pen-F on order.
    Thanks, Andy! 😄

    1. Hi ZDADSTER, Deep Blacks is a term I just coined for my photos that have a lot of contrast and shadows. On the Olympus PEN-F, I used the “Mono Profile 2” setting to get this look.

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